Hyundai Testimonials

Every so often on the Hyundai Country Calendar set, the Kiwis featured happen to drive a Hyundai - we asked them to tell us what they think about their car. Whether it's a 10-year old Tucson or a Santa Fe, one thing is for sure - Hyundai owners love their cars!

Karen Weibel

The 2013 Santa Fe offers luxury, comfort & superior mileage for Karen - it ticks her every box. Click below to watch Karen's story.

Steve Olds

Steve can rest easy knowing that he can rely on his Santa Fe, for on and off-road adventures. Click below to watch Steve's story.

Peter Barnes

The Santa Fe's functionality, design and purpose allows Peter to do what he needs to do, in STYLE - he's sticking with Hyundai. Click below to watch Pete's story.

Maree "Pettel" Morton

Maree can't get enough of her Santa Fe! She loves being able to drive a nice car and feel comfortable everywhere she goes. Click below to watch Maree's story.

Hyundai Testimonials

Hyundai Country, told by the people who live in it. Click below to listen to their stories.

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