Air Conditioning Treatment.

Protect yours and your family's health with a
GardX Air Con treatment for your vehicle.


The moist, dark environment inside the air conditioning system provides the ideal conditions for the growth of micro organisms, dust and pollen carried along by the air, the ideal medium for the growth of bacteria in your vehicle’s air conditioning system.

This service uses a system to clean the air conditioning system through your HVAC to kill the mould and bacteria growing on the evaporator surfaces and refreshes the air ducts and the passenger compartment leaving you with a clean smell every time you turn on the a/c.

Why get an air conditioning treatment?

• Fills the vehicle’s cabin and penetrates fabrics and carpets with antibacterial agents and a concentrated freshener.
• Removes stale odours (from pets, food, cigarette smoke etc.) and provides total freshness.
• Coats the A/C system duct-work and chiller - killing germs.

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*This offer must end May 31st 2020.